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Birkdale (Shanghai) Group

This group of companies has formed an alliance to maximize opportunities to expand their activities in the Shanghai region.  It is headed by Edward Wu who is a well known and highly respected developer with 19 years experience in Shanghai, developing office buildings, high-rise apartments and luxury residential communities.

The services that this Group can provide encompass:

  • Project management (Edward Wu, James McGeoch and Darren Moseley)
  • Landscape design
  • Landscape construction, installation and maintenance
  • Nursery network in the Shanghai/ Hangzhou Region
  • New species introduction, quarantine and research and development     
The key partners are:

James McGeoch

Director, Birkdale International Limited

James is a Director of Birkdale International Limited (Hong Kong) and Nakheel Birkdale International LLC (United Arab Emirates) and Managing Director, McGeoch’s Birkdale Nursery Pty Ltd (Australia).

He brings over 40 years horticultural and 20 years exporting experience to the company as Managing Director of Birkdale Nursery from 1982-2006. Birkdale Nursery was well known for its high quality horticultural products and export services throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Pacific Islands and was a leader in the Australian horticultural industry. 

James is highly respected in the Australian and international horticultural industry and has held leadership positions on several Australian national boards.  From 1997-2001, he was Chairman of the Horticultural Research and Development Corporation of Australia and from 1999-2001, he was Chairman of the Joint Rural Research and Development Corporations. He is also a Past Member of the Rural Innovation Advisory Council (a Federal Government ministerial appointment).  His contribution to outstanding service to the Australian nursery industry was recognised by him being named ‘Nurseryman of the Year’ in 1999.

James has a deep understanding of the complexities of the international market and provides a wealth of knowledge in this arena.  He has been based in Asia for the past 12 years, living and working in the Philippines, Hong Kong, China and Macau.

(Edward) Tian-Shan Wu

General Manager, Revaton (Shanghai) Limited and Ritz Land (Shanghai) Limited

Edward is General Manager of Revaton (Shanghai) Limited which is a major developer of luxury commercial and residential properties in Shanghai.  He is also managing director of Ritz Land (Shanghai) Limited, where he is responsible for the operations of the Fair Lake Luxury Residential Villas.

He is a registered professional engineer, qualified in the United States of America, and his professional engineering career spans 19 years in Shanghai, developing office buildings, high-rise apartments and luxury residential communities.

Edward is a highly respected developer and has been given the Lu-Ban Award, the highest honour in China.

Darren Moseley

Director, Birkdale International Limited

Darren is a Director of Birkdale International Limited (Hong Kong) and Nakheel Birkdale International LLC (United Arab Emirates), Managing Director, Asian Sportsturf Limited (Hong Kong) and Zhuhai Dai Yi Golf and Landscape Company (China).

Qualified in Horticulture and Turf Management, Darren’s career spans 20 years in the turf and golf course construction industry with 16 years experience in South East Asia.  Asian Sportsturf Limited is regarded as one of the world’s premium golf course construction companies with clients including HK Golf Club, HK Jockey Club. In 2005, following his work with Disneyland Hong Kong, Asian Sportsturf Limited commenced business in the landscape sector. 

Darren is experienced in the project management of all aspects of turf grass, landscape construction and maintenance.

He was an international finalist for the Australian Golf Course Superintendents’ Claude Crockford Environmental Award when he was Golf Course Superintendent at the Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Kau Sai Chau Public Golf Course.

The key partners are supported and strengthened by a highly regarded and influential team which brings a broad range of skills and depth of experience to the Birkdale (Shanghai) Group.

Zhou Zaichun

Honorary Director, Shanghai Landscape Architecture Design Institute
Director, Shanghai Lanyuan Landscape Designing Advisory Company Limited

Zhou Zaichun is a well known landscape architect and professor-level engineer with over 40 years experience in planning and designing gardens.  As a leading member in the Shanghai landscape gardening profession, Zhou is also Vice Chairman of China Landscape Architecture Design Association and a member of the Shanghai Think Tank.

Prior to his retirement in 2001, he was the Chief Engineer and Director of the Shanghai Landscape Architecture Design Institute.  His projects have received eight first-class and second-class prizes from the National Ministry of Construction and Shanghai Municipality, and four third-class prizes for science and technology progress, and five gold and grand prizes for 1990 and 1999 World Expo projects.

Some of the major projects Zhou Zaichun designed are:


  • Famous Flowers and Rockery Garden in 2000 World Horticulture Expo, Kunming
  • Shanghai Mingzhu Garden in 2000 World Horticulture Expo, Kunming
  • Wuyi Square in Changsha, Hunan
  • Plan of Reconstruction of People’s Park in Shanghai
  • Plan of the Century Park in Pudong, Shanghai (First Phase)
  • General plan of Shanghai Green Land System
  • Plan and design of Reconstruction of Shanghai People’s Square
  • Plan and design of Shanghai Dongan Park
  • Plan and design of Shanghai Botanical Garden
  • Plant design of Shanghai Grand View Garden Scenic Area
  • Song Qingling Tomb Area
  • Re-planning of Tropical Botanical Garden in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan
  • General plan of East Hill Guest House, Suzhou

International Projects:

  • Xiuhua Garden in Cairo International Conference Center
  • Yokohama-Shanghai Friendship Garden, Japan
  • Tongle Garden in 1990 Flower and Green World Expo in Osaka, Japan
    (Gold prizes and grand prizes at the Expo, second-class prize for the Ministry and the Municipality)
  • Chinese Embassy Gardens, Australia
  • Yulan (Magnolia) Garden in the Botanical Garden in Hamburg, Germany
  • Environmental design for Marking the Return of Hong Kong in 1997

Recent Projects:

  • Reconstruction plan for Shanghai Botanical Garden
  • First place in 2005 International Bid for Shanghai Chen Shan Botanical Garden Concept Plan
  • First place in 2006 Second International Bid for Shanghai Chen Shan Botanical Garden Concept Plan
  • Plan for Green Land System in Jinshan District, Shanghai
  • Landscape Plan for Yinzhong High-tech Park in Congming District, Shanghai
  • Plan for Ecological Garden in Minhang District, Shanghai
  • Plan for Garden in Shanghai Jingan Guest House
  • Landscape design for Moon Lake Mountain Village, Sheshan (2001)
  • Plan and Landscape Design for Spanish–Style Garden in Ding Bang, Li Chi, Shanghai 2000  (No.1 Type Villa Shanghai in 2005)
  • Landscape design for South Bund (First Section) 2006
  • General plan for Zhengzhou Botanical Garden 2007            
  • Plan for Wei Fang Botanical Garden, Shandong 2007
  • Plan for Second Phase of Shanghai Fortification Bay Park
  • Landscape design for Emperor Yan Memorial Square in Suizhou, Hubei


Xu Enzhu

Director, Shanghai Gardening Construction Advisory Service Company Limited

Xu Enzhu is a professor-level senior engineer and has been awarded second-class and third-class prizes from the Ministry of Construction for Ecological Gardening (health/medicinal plants), prize for the Stars of Science and Technology Invention for Technology Information Production System (TIPS) awarded by the United Nations Development Programme.

She has also contributed to the Plans of the Green Land System in Shanghai and organized and directed their implementation for the Greenland Systems in Songjiang, Baoshan, Minhang, Fengxian and Nanhui Districts.


Mei Huimin

Chief Executive Editor. Garden Magazine
President, Shanghai May’s Garden Company Limited
President, Huayuan Culture Media Company Limited

Mei Huimin has a professional career of over 30 years in landscape architecture and the media. She is highly experienced in the areas of garden design for houses and construction.

She has been the Chief Executive Editor, Garden Magazine since 1984 when the first issue was published and is currently publishing a new magazine ‘House Gardening’, the first of its type in China.


Bao Chengye (Alex)

Vice General Manager, Shanghai Landscape Engineering Company Limited

Bao Chengye, as well as being the Vice General Manager, Shanghai Landscape Engineering Company Limited, one of the largest landscape project companies in Shanghai, is also the Design Supervisor of the Design Centre of this Company. 
Prior to working for the Shanghai Landscape Engineering Company Limited, he had a reputation for excellence in the landscape design of many large, high profile projects in Shanghai.

Bao Chengye was Project Manager for the following:

Schematic Plans:

  • Chang De Chuan Zi Creek Landscape Belt (350 hectares)
  • Chang De Chuan Zi Creek Landscape Belt (Langzhou Road to Danyang Road (7.8 hectares)
  • Shanghai City Green Ring (62.5 square kilometers)
  • Ma-Lu Mountain Marvelous Rock Recreational Park Master Planning, Liu Zhou (86.2 hectares)
  • Nan Jing Gu-Lou Hi-Tech Industrial Park (41.2 hectares)
  • Kun-Shan New Sports Centre (6.5 hectares)
  • Shanghai Luo-Jing Water Resource Mountain Forest (38.2 hectares)

Residential Environmental Design:

  • Shanghai Perfumed Plum Garden (7.4 hectares)
  • (awarded the 2005 Shanghai Residential Planning Environment Comprehensive Excellence Prize)
  • Shanghai Hong-Qiao China Villas (12.8 hectares)
  • Shanghai High Peak Garden (9.7 hectares)

Public Green Space:

  • Zhenzhou Botanical Garden (57 hectares)
  • Shanghai West-North Park (4.1 hectares)
  • Shanghai Bei-Di Road Common Green along Suzhou Creek, Shanghai (4.8 hectares)
  • Tibet Ri-La-Ze Cultural Plaza (4.8 hectares)
    (awarded 2004 Shanghai Excellence Project Design Prize – 1st Level)
  • Shanghai Gao-Dong Park – Shanghai Ecological Construction Project (38.6 hectares)
  • Hua-Shan Greenspace (5.3 hectares)
  • An-Shun Greenspace (0.3 hectares)
  • Shanghai Jiangchuan Avenue (11.5 hectares)

Built Environment:

  • Shanghai Qing-Pu Industry Zone Administration Centre (4.3 hectares)
    (awarded 2006 Shanghai Landscape Architecture Cup – Best Project)
  • Jia-Xing South Lake Recreation Resort Zone (12.5 hectares)
    (awarded 2007 Shanghai Excellence Project Design Prize – 2nd Level)


Lin Xiaofeng (Frank Lin)

Senior Engineer in Landscape Gardening
Deputy Director General of Landscape Administrative Bureau of Luwan District, Shanghai
Executive Director of Shanghai Landscape Architecture Society
Deputy Director of Greening Specialty Committee

Lin Xiaofeng has 18 years experience in landscape gardening including study tours to international markets including Australia, Spain, France and Japan. His management experience includes:

  • Maintenance of the street trees and green spaces of Nanjing
  • Implementation of measures to protect heritage and precious trees, renovation of the Chinese Rose Gardens, construction of the ‘MI Fu Worshipping Rocks’ landscape, chrysanthemum gardens, greening of the ‘Six Kilometer Path’ and the design and construction of the ‘Ancient Wall and Bright Mirror’ garden in Nan Jing Xuanwu Lake Park
  • Improvement of garden maintenance, open space construction and the introduction of new technologies to landscape gardening in the Luwan District of Shanghai
  • Construction of the ‘Rotating Garden’ at the 2005 China Greening Exposition which was awarded the Gold Prize
  • Landscape exhibits during the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit Meeting in 2006 which included ‘Energetic Shanghai’, ‘A Total of Joy’, ‘Hand in Hand’. ‘Dancing’, ‘Song of Courtesy, ‘Gathering to Shanghai’ and ‘Bridge of Friendship’
  • Participation in the construction of the Herbal Gardening Project in 2006-2007 with 100 species of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs being used in the landscape construction.
  • Participation in the ‘Gold Prize’ winning outdoor landscape ‘Dancing in Spring Sunshine’ which was a project of Luwan District in the Shanghai Spring Flower Exhibition in 2007


Also, his artistic skills have been recognized through numerous awards for flower arranging at both provincial and municipal level.

Huang Min

Vice General Manager, Project Division, Shanghai Landscape Architecture Group Company Limited

Huang Min has over 20 years experience in landscape engineering.  Primarily, his experience is with high profile municipal government landscape projects.

Representative Projects which Huang Min has designed are:

  • Theme Park in Nan Hui, Pudong, Shanghai
  • Residential Garden in Swiss Garden Living Quarters
  • Landscaping at 688 South Xizang Road Project, Shanghai
  • Road Landscaping in Lingang New Town, Pudong, Shanghai
  • Landscaping of Dingyuan in Kun Shan, Jiangsu
  • Landscaping of Songjiang College Quarter, Shanghai


Qu Feng

General Manager, Shanghai May’s Gardening Company

Qu Feng, as General Manager of Shanghai May’s Gardening Company, has been engaged in many different areas of landscape gardening such as earthwork, irrigation and drainage systems, green roof and landscape gardening in residential areas, illumination works, man-made brooks and fountains.

He has been involved in over 30 projects throughout China, including Shanghai, Suzhou, Taichang, Wuxi, Zhejiang Province and the North East area of China.



Niu Chuanling

Deputy Manager, Shanghai Xinyi Gardening Company Limited

Niu Chuanling is recognized for her expertise in flower border designing and construction. Her main projects are:

  • Plant Arrangement for the Herb Garden in Yan Zhong Park
  • Lower Plant Arrangement for the Model Section 2010 Shanghai Expo
  • Minhang Sport Park, Shanghai
  • Shanghai Fortune Square
  • Representative Project
  • Scene of ‘Xinxin Xiangrong’ at the Spring Flower Show 2009, Shanghai
  • Works of Horticulture Mosaic ‘Dancing Lion’ and ‘Chinese Fan’ on Yan An Road, Shanghai
  • Arrangement of flower border plants and water plants in Ding Bang Li Chi Villas, Shanghai
  • French Pavilion Garden Plant Arrangement at 2010 Expo, Shanghai
  • Plant arrangement for National Guest House in Nan Chang, Jiangxi             


Mi Gu

Director, Shanghai Xi Gu Gardening Project Company

Mi Gu has over 20 years experience in the gardening profession.  As Director of the Shanghai Xi Gu Gardening project Company, he is responsible for the construction and maintenance of gardening projects as well as the production of turf from both seedlings and seeds. The Company’s products are used in the following landscaping projects:

  • Shanghai Yan An Road
  • Outer-ring Highway
  • Pudong International Airport
  • International Conference Center
  • Wai Gao Qiao Duty–Free Zone
  • New Century Avenue
  • Xujiahui Park
  • International Car Racing Course
  • Oriental Green Boat Green Area
  • Biyun Villas
  • New Areas in Nanxu, Nininbo, Huzhou, Wenzhou and Suzhou


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