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export and logistics

Birkdale offers a wide range of plants to importers, either grown at its own production nurseries or sourced from its international network of suppliers. 

Over the last 17 years, Birkdale has established a professional and reliable international network of suppliers from Australia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Lebanon and Europe which enables it to supply an extensive range of trees, palms and shrubs to meet the specifications of landscape architects globally and suit a wide diversity of climatic conditions.   

(left to right) Ficus microparpa var. hillii (Curtain Fig) being lifted from the container and being
lowered into position; Barging trees from China to Disneyland Hong Kong.

Experienced people supervise the special preparation and packaging to ensure that all plants meet the importing country’s entry criteria and arrive in good condition.

Method statements can be provided which demonstrate the treatments undertaken and give advice on planting and aftercare for the trees and palms when they arrive on site.

Seeds and allied horticultural products can also be provided to meet project requirements.

Ficus microcarpa var. hillii (Curtain Fig) planted at
Disneyland Hong Kong

Air Freight

Air freight is recommended to ensure that small plants arrive safely in the best possible condition.  They are packed into double waxed cartons designed to be palletized.  Larger containerized plants (up to 3m tall) may be packed directly into an air container with temporary shelving installed to enable multiple stacking and minimize movement in transit.

Sea Freight

Palms and trees up to 12m tall are packed into 40’ sea containers using techniques pioneered and refined by Birkdale over a 17 year period.  These techniques include packing methods that eliminate damage caused by abrasion and specific treatments to reduce stress through eliminating transpiration and preserving moisture within the root ball.

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