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Zhuhai Birkdale Nursery

Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China

Zhuhai Birkdale Nursery, a 12 hectare site 40 minutes from Macau and Hong Kong, was established in 2002 to provide a supply base for the landscaping of Disneyland Hong Kong and other landscape projects in the region.  Over 3 million shrubs and 5,000 mature trees were either grown on-site at the nursery or sourced from suppliers across South East Asia and Australia for the Disney Hong Kong project alone.

In 2008, a large shadehouse of 6,500 square metres and 12 metres high was constructed to acclimatise plants specifically for high end indoor use.  Special containers are used for large trees and palms to protect root balls and facilitate planting.  Photographs of the shadehouse and the trees and palms in their special containers are in the Products section.

The nursery meets international quality standards and is accredited by the Chinese Government to export plants. Current stock at the nursery includes an extensive range of trees, palms and shrubs, including Australian native species.

An Availability List sets out the stock ready for sale including Australian native species.


Zhuhai Turf Farm

Zhuhai, Gguangdong Province, China

The Turf farm is 12 hectares and produces top quality Seashore Paspalum turf for high profile projects in Hong Kong and China.  The turf farm is sand based, fully irrigated and is maintained to the highest standard using the latest turf maintenance equipment.


Gaoming Tree Farm - Grevillea baileyana

Gaoming Tree Farm

Gaoming, Guangdong Province, China

Birkdale’s  tree farm in Gaoming specialises in growing advanced in-ground trees including Australian native species for resort landscaping.An Availability List sets out the stock ready for sale including Australian native species.


Thailand Nursery

Ratchiburi, Thailand

These facilities have been established for the preparation and exportation of trees and shrubs to markets within South East Asia.  For the Disneyland Hong Kong project, over 670 tropical and equatorial trees (up to 12m tall) and 25,000 shrubs (up to 1.5m tall) were exported from these facilities from 2003-2005. 26 trees and palms (around 10 metres tall)were also shipped to Macau for the Venetian Orient Casino Resort landscaping in 2008.

Thailand Nursery – Trees ready for exporting


Emaho Trees - Syzygium luehmannii

Emaho Trees

Ravensbourne, Queensland, Australia

Birkdale can access high quality street and parkland trees which are grown in–ground for projects in Australia and internationally.  Emaho Trees grows a range of hardy Australian native and rainforest species which are well suited to a wide range of climatic conditions from subtropical to cool temperate. 

Photographs of the trees can be viewed in the Australian Native Trees section of the website under four specific categories based on common landscape requirements.

An Availability List sets out the quantities of trees with their height, spread, clear trunk and trunk caliper measurements.

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