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Together with its Asian based nursery facilities and an established network of international suppliers, Birkdale  is capable of sourcing diverse species from a wide range of climatic zones, from tropical and sub-tropical to temperate and Mediterranean.

Veitchia merrillii from Malaysia at
Zhuhai Birkdale Nursery

Caesalpinea ferrea at Zhuhai Birkdale Nursery

Birkdale’s horticultural networks in Australia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Lebanon and Europe provide significant benefits to landscape projects (depending on their location) such as continuity of supply, cost effective production and freight savings. An experienced team of logistical managers, well versed with exporting/importing, ensure that the plants arrive in good condition and meet the quarantine requirements of the importing country.

Horticultural products Birkdale can source include (but are not limited to):

  • Trees and palms (up to 12m tall)
  • Shrubs, groundcovers, climbers and grasses including:
    - Australian/New Zealand native plants
    - Orchids, ferns and epiphytes
    - Topiary and accent plants
  • - Drought & salt tolerant plants
  • Turf
  • Soil/growing media
  • Allied products

To facilitate landscape architects, developers and landscape contractors with their plant selections, Birkdale has an interactive Product CatalogueFrom a diverse range of criteria, clients can select plants that are suited to specific project requirements and climatic conditions. Selections can be made without knowing the names of the plants.

Grevillea Coastal Sunset

Howea forsteriana at Zhuhai Birkdale Nursery


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