Birkdale International provides its clients with expert horticultural advice, nursery design, project management, horticultural advice, plant selection and sourcing of trees, palms and shrubs to meet their requirements. 


Birkdale specialises in managing largescale landscape projects such as integrated parks and resorts, commercial and residential developments, golf courses, government and public works projects, as well as botanic and large private gardens. It has considerable experience and expertise in providing the following services in South East Asia, China, Hong Kong, Macau and the Philippines: 

  • International landscape project management, particularly in China,Hong Kong, Macau and Vietnam
  • Expert horticultural advice and consultancy on all aspects of ornamental horticulture
  • Plant selection and performance advice
  • Production planning, costing and budgeting
  • Sourcing and procurement of quality plants including mature trees and palms (importing if required)
  • Quotations on total plant supply for major projects
  • Horticultural training

MGM Cotai
MGM Cotai Concept Design


Birkdale is convinced that expert advice, at the early stage of landscape projects, assures the long-term success of any design. Birkdale provides through its own resources and associates:

  • Existing vegetation site analysis — Advice on planting selection and performance evaluation
  • Landscape installation and construction (method statements are provided for specialty trees and palms)
  • Landscape design
  • Advice on plant media and nutrition
  • Soil, pest and disease management
  • Soil/media formulation and testing
  • Irrigation design, installation and maintenance requirements
  • Transplanting and re-establishment
  • Costing and budget preparation
  • Landscape maintenance programs and reports
  • Arboriculture

The ability of Birkdale’s team to provide these services is evidenced in the Project Section.

Nursery Design and Construction

Birkdale, over the past 28 years has designed, constructed and operated nurseries in Indonesia, Philippines, China, Thailand and Australia, with an emphasis on quality to meet international standards

Zhuhai Nursery

Export & Logistics

Birkdale offers a wide range of plants to international clients, either grown at its own production nurseries or sourced from its international network of suppliers. 

Birkdale has established a professional and reliable international network of suppliers from Australia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Europe which enables it to supply an extensive range of trees, palms and shrubs to meet the specifications of landscape architects globally and suit a wide diversity of climatic conditions. 

In 2008, Birkdale commenced exporting from China to high profile Middle East projects in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Doha. Birkdale’s nursery in Guangdong Province is certified by the Chinese Central Government to export.

Disneyland tree preparation,  Thailand